Doylestown, PA
6:09 am7:48 pm EDT
April 23, 2024 2:13 am

President Biden to visit Scranton, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in week before April 23 primary

Biden will travel to the Pittsburgh area on Wednesday, and then return to Washington D.C., according to a release from the White House. He’ll be back to the Keystone State on Thursday to visit Philadelphia, an area he’s been to several times already in 2024. These would be the first campaign stops in the western and northeastern parts of the state.

Demand for student-teacher stipends far exceeds $10M allocation

Within three hours of going live, more than 3,500 applications were received for a state-funded stipend to cover an otherwise unpaid semester of student teaching. But the new program only has enough funding for roughly 600 to 700 student teachers who will take over Pennsylvania classrooms as part of their teaching certification this winter or next spring.