Doylestown, PA
5:47 am8:26 pm EDT
July 19, 2024 3:51 pm

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Celebrating a Glass Half Full as Gas Prices Drop for Third Week in a Row


Parker Wallis 

For the third consecutive week, the average price of gas in Pennsylvania has decreased, lowering by about 6 cents this past week to under $5 per gallon. 

As of Tuesday, July 5th, AAA reports the average price of gas in Pennsylvania costing $4.88 per gallon, just 8 cents more than the average national price. GasBuddy, a price tracking service, charts the average price at $4.87 per gallon after surveying 5,269 stations in Pennsylvania.

“As expected, and for the third straight week, average gasoline prices have fallen to their lowest level in over a month,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “The price of wholesale gasoline has plummeted, providing price relief as millions of Americans hit the road for the holiday weekend.”

Across the state, prices range from $4.41 to $5.79, a difference of $1.38 per gallon, according to GasBuddy.

 “For the time being, Americans are spending nearly $100 million per day less on gasoline than when prices peaked a few weeks ago, and that’s well-needed relief at a time when gas prices remain near records,” said De Haan.

The average price in Erie is about $4.88 per gallon, but GasBuddy recorded prices as low as $4.59 on West 18th Street.

GasBuddy clocked the average price in Harrisburg at $4.84 per gallon, 6.8 cents per gallon lower from last week’s $4.91 per gallon. 

Meanwhile, Lehigh and Northampton County average around $4.79 per gallon, according to AAA data, and the same source tracked the Philadelphia and Lackawanna average at $4.90 and $4.87 per gallon, respectively. 

Prices in Southwestern Pennsylvania remain high. GasBuddy reports Pittsburgh-area prices, for instance, ranging from $4.59 to $5.29, a difference of 70 cents per gallon and a county average of $4.94 per gallon, which is 7.2 cents per gallon more than a month ago.

The southwestern part of the state averages above $4.90 per gallon, ranging from $4.92 in Indiana County up to $4.98 in Greene County, according to AAA.

De Haan predicts that stations with higher-priced gas will soon drop their prices too. “I do expect most areas will ultimately see prices decline by a similar amount,” said De Haan, “but some areas may see the decreases faster than others.”

De Haan also warns that the trend at most Pennsylvania gas stations may not last. “While we may see prices decline into this week, the drop could fade soon if oil prices reverse, especially with strong demand over the holiday,” he says. 

AAA and GasBuddy continue to monitor gas prices statewide and nationwide to keep Pennsylvanians informed.