Doylestown, PA
6:37 am5:49 pm EST
February 27, 2024 6:01 pm

Gov. Shapiro plans to propose $282.8 million in new funding for Pennsylvania transit agencies in 2024-25 budget

Gov. Josh Shapiro plans to propose $282.8 million for public transit in his 2024-25 budget, a 1.75% increase in Pennsylvania’s share of funding toward its mass transit systems, and nearly $1.5 billion in new state funding over the next five years. According to the Inquirer, which first reported the news, that funding will come from an increase in the allocation of sales tax revenue dedicated to supporting transit systems.

Philly DA Krasner sues state to overturn special transit prosecutor law as unconstitutional

A new law that gives a special prosecutor jurisdiction over crimes committed on Philadelphia’s public transit system is an unenforceable and unconstitutional train wreck, a lawyer who filed a challenge to the measure on behalf of District Attorney Larry Krasner said on Thursday.